musings on this profound journey called motherhood + everything else in between

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mum's thoughts

sick of being sick

A few months into my pregnancy I was sick nearly every single day + whenever I had breakfast, which around that time was comprised of a glass of ice cold Anmum + several pieces of Fita, I almost always threw it up instantly. To make matters worse, the very infamous morning sickness turned out to …

mum's thoughts

flipflops are heart

My love affair with flipflops began when I got pregnant with Jared. I always felt hot that I make it a point to wear the most comfortable clothes + enclosing my feet in shoes for more than 4 hours on end became very uncomfortable. I find flipflops-wearing most convenient and welcoming to my growing feet, …

jared's nook

my little fuzzy eater

feeding jared has never been a problem, well, not until he started eating solids that is! when he was a little, tiny (err, he was never really tiny) baby, feeding him is easy-peasy. a 2-once bottle of milk will be gone by a minute and a half you’d wonder where it went. when he turned …

mum's thoughts

havin' a baby: baby checklist

I remember back when I was pregnant that waiting for the big day can really be quite a stressing experience. Imagine worrying about your baby, your forthcoming delivery, your birthing details (make sure you’ve had this one sorted out months before your scheduled delivery date to save you all the trouble + the unnecessary headache), …

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