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My love affair with flipflops began when I got pregnant with Jared. I always felt hot that I make it a point to wear the most comfortable clothes + enclosing my feet in shoes for more than 4 hours on end became very uncomfortable. I find flipflops-wearing most convenient and welcoming to my growing feet, which, in the later part of my pregnancy started swelling because of edema. Around that time it was nearly impossible to entrap them into cramping shoes + I was almost on flipflops 24/7.

My flipflops became my regular companion wherever I go: to work, to scour for baby stuffs in department stores or supermarkets or tiangges or whenever I go to the next food trip or the next adventure along with about a dozen other pregnant women like me.¬† Too bad my first pair gave out on me after more than a year of abuse. I actually got the sturdiest pair around, only the thin stripes broke after way too many usages. I nearly do not have the heart to throw it away after I bought a new pair, so it now sits on the shoe stand gathering dust, while I find ways to recycle or reuse them ūüėČ

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