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A few months into my pregnancy I was sick nearly every single day + whenever I had breakfast, which around that time was comprised of a glass of ice cold Anmum + several pieces of Fita, I almost always threw it up instantly. To make matters worse, the very infamous morning sickness turned out to be a “whole day sickness”, as I’d get sick any time of the day:  after eating my lunch, whenever the queue builds up at work, when I smelled something my nose doesn’t like much (I remember smelling a whiff of this guy’s perfume at work + oh boy, every single pregnant woman in the room just started cursing + making a beeline to the loo, it was really that nasty!), Jared’s dad’s perfume, my roommate’s perfume (which I get to smell every morning!), + the smog coming from passenger jeepneys especially!

I nearly do not want to take in anything so as not to throw up after!  I have experimented on eating various types of food, too, thinking I’d find a formula to alleviate, if not eliminate, my morning sickness altogether. + here’s what I’ve gathered from magazines + books on pregnancy I’ve read:

  • Prevent those hunger pangs which could trigger morning sickness by having ready-to-eat snacks in your bag wherever you go, you might consider packing some raisins + biscuits in your bag at all times
  • To avoid being sick, refrain from eating too much fatty + oily food
  • Ginger can work wonders to soothe morning sickness
  • If you you feel sick almost all the time, go to your OB + ask her to prescribe you with something (yes, there is a pill you can take to stop the sickness altogether)

My morning sickness abated a few months further into my pregnancy + boy was I so relieved. But to my disappointment, it was back a couple of months before I gave birth. Oh well, I guess it is just really one of those things we need to deal with while we are pregnant, but, compared to other pregnancy-related peculiarities, this is really something I can do without 😉

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  1. you are indeed right, motherhood and being pregnant is ok but morning sickness somehow makes things complicated!:) great post! have a nice day!

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