I guess this makes it official, i am now a new wordpress blogger, thanks so much to the encouragement of my blogging sisters from PMB.

So I welcome you all to mumwrites, my online chronicles of random stay-at-home mom’s thoughts, views + reactions to certain issues, and of course, random thoughts on my 18-month old baby love, Ethan Jared, here + there.

Feel free to browse, leave some comment love + follow my blog, it will be appreciated much. If you enjoyed your stay + learned a little in the process, I’d feel like I’ve accomplished much?!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, do send an e-mail, only if you have the time, ayt?!

Great week ahead everyone!

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is a 30-something work-at-home mum who blogs in between home chores + child-minding. i love coffee, books + reading, collecting lovely postcards, + spending loads of time outdoors with my little man.