It’s Thursday once again, time for one of my favorite memes (and fave topics too^^) again. And for something that made me fall in love, i chose this song from one of my favorite artists, Shawn Colvin, Never Saw Blue Like That.

This song best describes the warm, fuzzy feeling one experiences when one falls in love. It also best illustrates how your surrounding becomes a reflection of how you feel: the sky seems bluer than you last remembered, the breeze blowing its gentle singsong into your ear, and how practically everything around you seem to glow with light + love.

This song was also part of the Dawson’s Creek (remember that famed teen soap in the 90’s?) of which volume escapes my mind now + it does remind me of the first time i fall in love whenever i hear it…

I can’t believe a month ago
I was alone, I didn’t know you
I hadn’t seen or heard you’re name
And even now, I’m so amazed
It’s like a dream, It’s like a rainbow, it’s like the rain..

Cause I never saw blue like that before
Across the sky
Around the world
You’ve given me all you have and more
And no one else has ever shown me how
To see the world the way I see it now
Oh, I, I never saw blue like that before

Jeez, I guess it does feel good to fall in love for the first time + here was I thinking we’ve fully recovered from the love bug the love month brings…

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Happy Thursday everyone!

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