March will be all about the music:

March 3 – that we hate

March 10 – that make us fall in love

March 17 – that make us cry

March 24 – that make us smile

March 31 – that gets stuck in our head (LSS)

I simply love GT’s topics for this month being the music lover that I am. And from now on, mum writes will be the one joining this meme so that I can focus on more jared + mum stuffs in jared’s little corner.

Now, for something that I hate. I really wish artists + singers will just stop doing remakes of old, popular songs! You hear them on the radio almost all the time (in my case, since i don’t listen to the radio often, from the blaring speakers of my neighbor’s radio, which to my annoyance, is constantly tuned in to love radio!grr!) + it seems like, virtually every OPM artist has one remake at least. I was just wondering can they not make any new songs at all. People had enough of all these music rehash and maybe it’s time to tinker on new songs to sing, don’t you agree? Besides, the old version would, almost always, sound better than the new ones.

I don’t mind doing your own rendition of old tunes in live concerts or gigs, I actually enjoy them that way with all the energy, vocal calisthenics + the audience participation, but to release an entire album of revivals? Come on, you can probably do better than that, you shouldn’t be calling yourself an artist if you can’t in the first place. Samples of old tunes in new songs are cool, but revivals? Stop it now, they’re killing me!

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