my very first weekend blog follower caravan

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The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is on its 9th edition, but this will be the first time I am joining with this blog.

Fast Facts…

  • I am Vix, Mummy Vix or Vixie to most of my friends + co-workers, Jared’s Mum in GFC + Ma to my 1-year-and-a-half old baby boy, Ethan Jared,
  • almost 32 years old (but is always 18 in spirit *wink*) stay-at-home (but aspires to change that into work-at-home very soon!)
  • started blogging August of last year + totally loved it + regretted that I never discovered it soon enough!
  • I was giving out telephone numbers a-la PLDT to UK clients for almost 5 years until I cannot stand the several hours of separation with my son anymore + quit May of last year.
  • I took up a course in Computer in College, but let’s not talk about that, shall we?

A day in the life of…

My day usually begin with waking up way too early so I can do some work online whilst the baby sleeps (yep, I must admit I am spending way too much time online, I am guilty as charged + I have PMB now turned PMC on FB to blame – most times I would just sat in front of the computer reading + digging up the threads (man they can really get very long!) + I’d be lost, the original plan to post unfinished blog entries gone out the window!) when my son wakes up, my centripetal force would shift towards him + most of the day would revolve around my mothering + childminding tasks – bathing, feeding, playing, washing the feeding bottles, doing his laundry (which i do once or twice a week) – menial you might say but I’ve come to enjoy every minute of it.

Hard work, right, but still, when my son hugs me, or tap me on the cheek (even when it’s not so gentle!) every tired bone fizzle with more energy to perform even more tasks. And when Jared reaches out his tiny hand to hug me while he sleeps at night, it’s priceless + it reminds me that my decision to stay at home with my son is the best one I did in a while.

jared's little corner of the world..

This blog (which is fairly new + started officially last day of feb via this post) + jared’s little corner are my feeble attempts to somehow chronicle our day-to-day adventures. Hope you will join us!

Apart from blogging, I enjoy watching movies, reading suspense-thriller paperbacks, moon + star gazing, and playing Cafeworld in Facebook.

Kindly drop a line if you follow my blogs + I’d be more than delighted to return the favor.

Okay, enough about me let us talk about you for a minute or simply click on the WBFC badge to know more about other members.

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  1. Hi Vix…

    Visiting here from WBFC 9…

    Continue to blog and inspire others thru your Mommy posts..

    Followed you thru GFC too.

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  2. yep, i’m guilty too. lately ive been spending too much time online as well. it’s addicting.

    keep in touch=)

  3. hello vix! nice meeting you!! followed you.. i think i’ve come across your blog in one of the mommy moments.. God bless!

  4. Following you now Mommy Vix. It’s feels good to see faces behind FB names as some of PMC members are not in my friends list yet.

    Thanks for visiting my WBFC entry at The Bloggers Journal

  5. sis, love it *18 in spirit* lol… kay soon mag 32 na din ako. Anyway, nice to meet you here and looking forward for more.

    anyway here is my entry: My Weekend Caravan!

    I am one of your followers also. Hope you can do the same in my blog. See you!

  6. It was great knowing you vix, lets wait mga ilang buwan to a year tingnan natin kung ilang blog madagdag hehe. nakaka adik ano, lalo na pag kumikita na tayo.

  7. you know what vix, we are the same in terms of thinking that were still 18 y.o heheheh (wapak)

    thanks sa award i dont know how to used it message me how to hihihi

    visiting thru pmc
    From wala to okay
    Raketer Mama

  8. hi vix! it’s funny that most of the blogs i visited through WBFC belongs to people i only know by their names or handles and now, i actually got to see the people behind the names! 🙂 i’m your newest follower and i hope you can visit my entry, too.

  9. Hi, Vix! I’ve already met your little Jared through Mommy Moments. It’s nice to know more about the gorgeous mom through WBFC. Like you, my world revolves around my toddlers too – we are both mom-slaves! hahaha!!! Hope you’d find time to visit us at

  10. hi, Vix. it is nice to know you more. i am following this site noon pa pati na rin yung other site mo kahit hindi ka pa kasali sa WBFC. God bless!

  11. hi mommy vixie! am following you already 🙂 enjoyed reading your post 🙂

    Mine is just a short entry. Don’t forget to follow me please 🙂

    Have a great week!

  12. it’s so nice to know more of you and thanks for always dropping by.

    My Blog Caravan Entry
    Follow me Here too:
    Prosperity’s Desire
    Hope you Can join my Blogging Contest:
    Fashion and Passion Online

  13. i currently have a full time job but because of the super hectic schedule, i’m already considering stopping work for awhile and be a SAHM with my little angel.. haaiistt!!

    followed you already..
    hope you could visit my site too!!
    9th Weekend Blog Follower Caravan: Meet the Blogger

  14. Hi Vix! 🙂 Visiting you from WBFC9! 🙂 Followed your blog via GFC as well.. 🙂

    Blogging is awesome isn’t it? I too don’t know how I managed without it for so long.. 😛

    Anyway, hope to see you around the blogosphere more!

    Ane of Life According to Me

  15. hi vix, nice to finally meet jared’s mum. Already a follower of your other site, now following this one too.

    Hope you visit my entry here, leave some sweets and follow me too. Have a great week!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  16. Hi Mommy Vix!
    First time ko din sa WBFC, glad and thankful dahil nakajoin :D. Followed you here also!
    See you around!


  17. hi mommy vix! talaga nga naman kakaadik ang PMC. hahaha!!! sinisi talaga dun eh noh? ako din hoping to become a work-at-home mom… even for just awhile, ma experience ko lang… followed both of your blogs… =)
    AC here of Happy Home Working with ACmomCee
    Come Dine In
    Join My Stroll
    Cheeky Munchkis

  18. Being a Mom is mahirap na masarap!

    I am your newest blog follower. Please visit my WBFC-Everything Alabama and follow me back if you haven’t yet.

  19. Hi Vix! It’s good to know more about you. Hopefully one of these days, we’ll meet in person.

    know more about me here: wbfc: who is gene?

  20. Hi Vix! Glad to know the person raising cutie little Jared. 🙂 Thanks to WBFC, I am meeting a lot of cool mommies.

    I find it interesting though that you say “MUM” rather than the popular mama or mom. Any story behind that? I am curious because I call my mother MUM, but that’s because I grew up in Brit-colonized Africa.

    It’s nice knowing more about you! I hope you will enjoy knowing me too. I am #62 {the last!} on this week’s WBFC and my post can be found HERE.

    Followed you back on GFC and will be updating my blogroll to link you up. Hope you can do the same for me!

    Nshima Servings

  21. Proverbs 31:10 A capable wife who can find? Her value is far more than that of corals…15 She also gets up while it is still night, and gives food to her household and the prescribed portion to her young women….

    This was what came to mind upon reading your write-up. 🙂 Following you now Mommy Vixie. Keep it up. -Mirage

  22. i’m here doing my (very) late rounds for WBFC#9 🙂

    being there for your kid all the time is truly a gratifying experience. good to know more about you mommy vix. i’m so proud to call you a fellow bulakenya <3

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