of not drowning in the mountain of house chores…

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How do you get yourself organized with all the left and right chores in the house? Plus a crying toddler or a demanding husband waiting (for) his dinner to be served?

To date, I haven’t found the most effective formula to keep myself organized when it comes to being a consummate home-keeping multi-tasker, I try to do the best I can to get the job done + at the end of the day, when I’ve finished all that I have set out to do for that day, I can sleep well + think I’ve accomplished much.

I try to prioritize + perform the most pressing tasks of the day and leave off those I can do much later in the day or another day.

Inasmuch as I can, I try to keep a to-do list, which can be for a day or a week depending on how hectic the schedule will be, so I’ll have a guide on which stuff to finish at what certain time or day.¬† Most of the time, I have the orders of the day etched into my memory like a tattoo and I mentally ticked them off one by one once i finished them. I’m also glad my youngest brother is always around to help with the cooking chores + whatnot, lest I’ll end up eating lunch or dinner at a much later time or drown in the heaps of unfinished home chores.

One other effective way of coping with the mountain of chores at home is to finish off Jared-related tasks first, such as his laundry, washing his feeding bottles, bathing + feeding him, before I set out to tackle the home chores. For example, I normally do his laundry on Monday + put off doing my own laundry on Thursdays or Fridays or make sure I bathe him first in the morning before I battle with the washing machine or the pot of potatoes + chicken breasts to boil.

So, what are you home chores organizing trick? Care to share your secret with me, please leave a comment, it will be highly appreciated. Thanks^^

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  1. I do not have any trick to share hehehe basahin mo lng entry ko makasmile ka hehehe. Mommies mostly busy just keep up what you are doing…see you.

  2. Ako sis di talaga ubra ang mental kasi nga medyo si kalimot ako dahil 2 CS operations…

    I do admire you for being orderly…
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  3. I can do house chores but not on a daily basis, maaburido ako to the highest level. Saka I hate the most is doing the laundry and the tiklupan after that. I’d rather iron the clothes kasi valid na ang reason ko after that na oooops di ako pwede magbasa ng kamay haha!

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