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This blog officially goes live last Monday via an entry to the newest blog meme in blogosphere, when sahmone speaks by Mommy Mitch, which proved to be rewarding as I also won my first giveaway (for this blog) of $5!Yay! Thanks much Mommy Mitch for you generosity!

And I guess we are really off to a good start since my application for Google Adsense (for both my blogs!) was just approved! That’s another yay!

Worthy of mention, too, are my lovely blog followers… thanks so much guys and expect me to follow back soon (if I wasn’t following yet, that is!)…

Although things here are just starting to take shape and I have a gazillion of stuff to do including:

  • learning this alien thing called WordPress
  • studying this self-hosted jargons
  • installing several widgets
  • creating pages + menus
  • creating a new facebook fanpage (and adding a widget here to go with that) for mumwrites
  • sorting through ideas to write for my entries
  • creating a badge (hopefully someone will be kind enough to help me *wink*)
  • finding a suitable template

In the meantime, I hope you guys visit back + leave your comments + feed backs…

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Hi Mommy Vix!
    Welcome to WordPress. I also recently had my blog hosted and get my own domain. Since I’m using before, I just imported all my post to my new site! I’ll add this to my blogroll since I already had your other blog there.
    God bless us and hope for more opportunities!

    Happy Blogging!

  2. i had been bloggin for 6 years but it has only been now that I acquired a new blog ( with WP platform…nasa comfort zone na kasi ako sa blogger…

    Good luck sa atin sis…

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

    1. sorta like hard to teach old dogs new tricks, right? but sometimes if feels good to expand our horizon and see an amazing new world’s to wordpress blogging!

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