of being a one-{wo}man show {most of the time}

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When SAHMone Speaks

What mother roles do you share with your partner? 

Whenever Jared’s dad is around he does make it a point to help out with my mothering tasks with the exception of giving him a bath since he doesn’t have any idea how to. But other than that, he once tried changing Jared’s soiled diapers, fixing his milk or feeding try to feed him solid food, play with him, read him a book, sing him to sleep, change his sweat-drenched clothes. He even washed the feeding bottles on several occasions  + did Jared’s laundry once. He would also sometimes cook my favorite dishes like tinola, adobong manok or there was this one time when he cooked beef with broccoli (he was a better cook, you see!) + I totally loved it, tasted much better than what we had in a Chinese restaurant long ago.

But more often than not it was Mum’s one-man army that keeps the show going, I only hope I can also be a good cook!

So, how’s your partner sharing with your mothering loads?

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  1. You’re lucky you have a loving husband…I don’t, as I am a single mom 🙂
    hehe…no bitterness there…I’m just now craving for that adobo..hehe

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