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I was in this funk for a while, pining over what I thought was a love lost (well it was just me thinking that actually since my high school crush didn’t even know I exist!) + made each + every heartbreak song  my national anthem back then…a few years later, the habit sort of stuck + I was left associating with each + every heartbreak song or lonely love song i hear, one that stands out is this lonely ballad from one of my most favorite band, Savage Garden. Darren Hayes’ straight-forward lyrics + haunting vocals seemed to hit straight home every time I replay it on the Diskman (yes, it’s that old!). His melancholic rendition makes the emotion tangible I could almost taste it + made me ache + cry even when I totally have no clue how loving + losing that person to another actually feels!

The part I love most (and I am plucking these words from memory):

Am I all alone in the universe? There’s no love on these streets

I have given mine away to a world that didn’t want it anyway…

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    1. love that you loved it!savage garden does a lot of wonderful music..you can try downloading all the songs from their affirmation album, every one is just great…:)

  1. I can still remember I was really chasing after my crush when I was in college or just simply trying to wait for him outside of their school. Wahhh, we were friends so he really have to notice me, he didn’t know he was my crush back then lol, that was so hard.

    Girl’s Talk

    1. thank you sis, any compliment on my writing makes me blush + my heart skip a beat (frustrated writer on the loose!)

  2. bakit mo naman kasi pinamimigay sa ayaw hehe. well ganyan talaga ang buhay it’s like Oh its sad you belong to someone else when the right one comes along

    Visit my GT crying out loud LOL

  3. i still love savage garden after all these years. wow. and your song of choice is one of my favorite song of the band. thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. nice to know that a lot of gt girls love savage garden, i simply adore them + darren hayes is one of my early inspirations to keep a jounal + afterwards, a blog..thanks for stopping by^^

  4. awww, how i miss savage garden na.

    check out my entry here too. Have a great week!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

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