I was in this funk for a while, pining over what I thought was a love lost (well it was just me thinking that actually since my high school crush didn’t even know I exist!) + made each + every heartbreak song  my national anthem back then…a few years later, the habit sort of stuck + I was left associating with each + every heartbreak song or lonely love song i hear, one that stands out is this lonely ballad from one of my most favorite band, Savage Garden. Darren Hayes’ straight-forward lyrics + haunting vocals seemed to hit straight home every time I replay it on the Diskman (yes, it’s that old!). His melancholic rendition makes the emotion tangible I could almost taste it + made me ache + cry even when I totally have no clue how loving + losing that person to another actually feels!

The part I love most (and I am plucking these words from memory):

Am I all alone in the universe? There’s no love on these streets

I have given mine away to a world that didn’t want it anyway…

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