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My Fun Blog is having its very first giveaway, via the First Fun Blog Contest. Join if you’d like to win cash via Paypal.

Here’s how to join:

1. Write a comment on his giveaway post (1 point)

2. Visit + share the sponsors like thru Facebook (2 points)

3.  Blog about the giveaway with backlinks to his sponsors (2 points)

Easy enough, ayt? Winners will be drawn via Random.org and shall be announced on 30 April, so hurry + join the fun!

And many thanks to these lovely sponsors for making this possible:

1. Fitflops Sandals Review
2. Best Shoes for CNA and Nurses
3. Women’s Shape-up Shoes
4. The Backpackman
5. Blogging Achieved Goals

Love + Light,

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  1. i’ll join sis ha, first time ko mag join ng giveaway contest sa blogging community hihi
    keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

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