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Ever since I came across Human Heart Nature’s all-natural products, I’ve been wanting to sign-up for dealership, only I was thinking that it was a little bit expensive for a stay-at-home mum like me. That is why when I found out that Muraito is offering a great deal of being a H?N dealer for only P349.00 (about $8), I immediately grabbed the deal + purchased one. You don’t really need to sell the products, if you’re not keen on selling, you can simply use the exclusive discount for personal use.

What’s included in the package?

  1. An exclusive lifetime discount of 25% on all H?N products
  2. H?N personal ID
  3. Three (3) Human Nature Catalogues
  4. Seven (7) Human Nature Fliers +,
  5. A welcome bundle which includes the following best-selling items:
  • Citronella Bug Spray DEET-Free (50ml)
  • Peppermint Lip Balm (4g)
  • Feminine Wash with Aloe Vera + Chamomile (50ml)
  • Citrus Burst Sugarcane Spray Sanitizer (50ml)
  • Deodorant with Rosemary & Sunflower Oil (50ml)
  • Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera Strengthening Shampoo (50ml)
  • Mandarin Scent Avocado Moisturizing Conditioner (50ml)
  • Hydrating Facial Wash (50ml)

The H?N voucher will be send to your email + you only need to print it when you are ready to pick-up your items, the voucher is valid until August, by the way, so  you will have plenty of time to schedule claiming your items.

What I truly love about Human Heart Nature apart from their products being 100% all-natural, is the fact that they also have livelihood programs to help the poor + the needy, so with a purchase of this bundle of joy, you not only earn a sigh of relief from Mother Earth, but you will also get to lend a hand in helping other people in need. It is like hitting two noble causes with a single stone, really + who could ever say no to that, right?

And what I like about this fairly new site, apart from coming up with great deals like this one, is  that you can also pay for your purchases in the safety and comfort of your home thru Paypal. Simply e-mail Muraito + they will almost instantly reply with their Paypal details.Very convenient, right?

If you are all for one-click-of-a-button online shopping + these eco-friendly products, I’ll say you give this green deal a try!

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  1. Welcome to the HHN family Vix! Next time, sama tayo sa Gawad Kalinga farm visits nila!

    Green Monday entry: One Wall, One World

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