I was doing my son’s laundry one time + it sort of sparked the inspiration for this post, why not write about my baby’s detergent, it is 100% natural, anyway, a perfect green idea!, goes my thought bubble + so to give in, here’s that post.

I have been using Cycles baby detergent since Jared is a few months old (i began washing his laundry with Perla, but i don’t like the scent of it much + the way it clings to my son after several hours of wearing his tiny tiesides + shorts, so I looked for a better alternative). Lucky I stumbled upon this eco-friendly laundry detergent in one of the issues of Smart Parenting + have been using it since then.

Cycles contains no harsh chemicals or irritants like bleach, dyes or optical brighteners that can harm my baby’s sensitive skin. It does not leave soap residue + is specifically made for babies’ delicate skin. It comes in liquid + powder form too.

I’ve also found this nice message under my Cycle’s packaging:

This is my entry for this week’s

Love + Light,

Note: I was not compensated, monetary or otherwise, nor did i receive free items from this company, for writing about this product. I simply posted this in the aid of fellow mummies out there, who do not stop looking for the best products for their babies.

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