am his number 1 fan!

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Yeah, hands down! I am his number 1 fan + that love affair began all those many years ago via this cool + poetic song, I Miss You, I was thinking “wow, a rocker with a soft side! Cool!” It was curiosity at first + one thing led to another, before I knew it, I was spending hours + hours researching about him + his band on the net (they were not that recognized here yet that time so local information + source are a bit scarce!) + I was dabbling on their music + lyrics. Before I even realized, it hit me hard on the face – I was in love for the very first time in my life!

His creativity, be it lyrically, musically or otherwise (he’s ventured into painting canvasses + walls of late) is what attracted me to him. His music has been my personal mantra. He might not be aware of it, but he was one of the key pieces to my journey towards self-empowerment! I never would’ve been brave enough to live life fully if not for his exhortations + eye-openers + I know that he’s made the same profound effect on so many people’s lives + for that we owe him much.

He continues to inspire the better of us, simply by living the life he chose. A life of creativity + a life of oneness with the All. This year, in July, for the third time now, Brandon Charles Boyd + the rest of his band, Incubus, will be coming to the Philippine shores for yet another rockin’ must-see concert. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet him face-to-face this time + probably shake his hands. It will be a dream come true + another item ticked-off my bucket list.

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  1. I am not into rock music, but I have some friends and relatives who love Brandon Boyd. Personally, I think their song “Drive” is just inspiring.

    Hopping here from Girls Talk, my entry is now posted, too.

    1. it really is inspiring, but “drive” is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. checking your entry next 😉

    1. would you believe that i haven’t listen to his songs in awhile mommy, the rock songs were relegated to the side lines in favor of baby einstein and other nursery rhymes;)

  2. oo nga Sis hindi ko pa nga sya kilala!!!
    sana mapakingan ko ang mga songs nila!!
    so that I could say more on your entry…
    For now….

    Happy GT ^_~

  3. sorry Mommy I don’t know this guy, thanks to you.. hehehe… In fact they’re genius.. I would argue imagine coming up with a music that would influence the world… great! hope you can visit back.

    1. this is actually one of the old ones + it used to be my favorite photo of brandon, but i enjoy his new looks now, tamer + cleaner 😉

    1. it was actually his looks from way back when i started liking + loving his band, he looks a bit tamer and more down-to-earth now..thanks for stopping by, heading to your entry next 😉

  4. Wow! I never expects to read it here!. Sort of a Mommy rocker!. How I love Brandon! Me. my brothers and almost our generation in our clan like him much!Especially when they had a concert here in the Phil twice!We see to it that we ‘ll never gonna missed those. Our passion for this kind of music made us cousins bond more.
    Happy GT!

  5. rockstars are oftentimes poet-philosopher 🙂 and they do influence their fans not only with the rhythms but the lyrics as well 🙂

    Thanks for indulging my star struck daze. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  6. hihihih nice “Tribute” to him ha pero imagine, i don’t know them! i am so dumdum when it comes to singers and song titles! LOL

    by the way, vix I now have a blog contest for Mother’s Day that I hope you can join.

    Remembering Mama Contest

    Please invite your readers, too. thanks!

  7. ay hindi rin ako mahilig sa rock music..pero cutie sya and hot! hehehe
    Late Visiting from Girls! 🙂 Happy weekend!
    To die for Celebrity

  8. blog hopping from GT.

    i love incubus. not because of brandon boyd but because their music is just amazing. and i love “i miss you” too.

  9. I super love Brandon Boyd too! Alright, I’ll concede and take second place instead. I’m his number 2 fan. 🙂 New to GT and just dropping by to say Hi! 🙂

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