bye-bye c-box!

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Yep, you got that right, I am doing my own version of spring cleaning + am starting with this blog. I know I’ve got quite a lot of other stuff to tinker in here, like:

  • finding a nice theme
  • making a buttong/favicon
  • a header perhaps
  • add other useful widgets

but it will be easier to update + edit this baby sans the unnecessary clutter.

This time am taking a page off another mummy blogger’s book by saying goodbye to my chatbox. Here are my arguments:

  • I get way too many spam already ever since i started with WordPress + having more of them in my chatbox is really starting to annoy me
  • Without it I think visitors will be inspired to leave their mark by leaving a comment or two
  • It occupies much space + removing it would allow me to add not one but two more widgets or whatnots as replacements
  • Its absence will discourage spammers from plaguing our site

So there, that should be enough to hit the delete button on this widget + be gone with it for good.

How about you, got any plans of saying goodbye to your cboxes?

Love + Light,

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  1. i got rid of my shout boxes a year back. i figured, if people have something important to say to me, they should use the contact form or click on a post to make a comment. more time on my blog, lower bounce rate. LOL.

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