Update: I was suppose to finish this entry last night just hours before the linky closes, but yeah, up-to-my-neck with household chores plus looking after my son (who’s quite under the weather these days), blogging has to take the backseat +  the original plan of blogging before midnight as the baby sleeps was gone the moment my back hit the sheets, so apologies to sis Kat, for being late again, but I did promise to join, so with or without the linky, I’ll be posting this anyway.  + hopefully, as my son gets better I’d be able to catch up on my blogging back-logs as I never had a decent posting since Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Black is one of my favorite color + back in the days I have quite a few black shirts, tanks or tops I’d wear to work regularly. I only stopped wearing black when I got pregnant + gave birth to my son. That is why I was very disappointed last week when I was not able to join the maiden edition of this new cool meme by sis Kat, Chic in Black Monday. Now, am not really what you might call chic but I think what I’d love to share will count, hopefully, lest I’ll be disqualified, yikes!

So for this week’s entry, here’s a picture of me in a blank top, taken years and many pounds ago, at the hotel’s second floor with the lovely chandelier as backdrop, when our team had a dinner (all expense-paid, mind you!) at Circles in  Shangri-La – Makati. I love this top but hardly wears it now since it isn’t comfy wearing it as I carry my baby in my arms.

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Love + Light,

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