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Update: I was suppose to finish this entry last night just hours before the linky closes, but yeah, up-to-my-neck with household chores plus looking after my son (who’s quite under the weather these days), blogging has to take the backseat +  the original plan of blogging before midnight as the baby sleeps was gone the moment my back hit the sheets, so apologies to sis Kat, for being late again, but I did promise to join, so with or without the linky, I’ll be posting this anyway.  + hopefully, as my son gets better I’d be able to catch up on my blogging back-logs as I never had a decent posting since Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

Black is one of my favorite color + back in the days I have quite a few black shirts, tanks or tops I’d wear to work regularly. I only stopped wearing black when I got pregnant + gave birth to my son. That is why I was very disappointed last week when I was not able to join the maiden edition of this new cool meme by sis Kat, Chic in Black Monday. Now, am not really what you might call chic but I think what I’d love to share will count, hopefully, lest I’ll be disqualified, yikes!

So for this week’s entry, here’s a picture of me in a blank top, taken years and many pounds ago, at the hotel’s second floor with the lovely chandelier as backdrop, when our team had a dinner (all expense-paid, mind you!) at Circles in  Shangri-La – Makati. I love this top but hardly wears it now since it isn’t comfy wearing it as I carry my baby in my arms.

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  1. My randomness will join too! pero don’t think makasali ako every monday since la naman akong masyadong black stuff..

    try ko din sali ng giveaway mo mommy..pero my time hirap kaya single mommy na..working pa..hays..

    Happy mothers day!

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