giveaway alert: win this cool eco-bag from mirage!

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bag, eco-bag

This is probably the most eco-friendly + the easiest giveaway I came across.  Marie, the amazing photographer-sahm behind Mirage is having this very earth friendly giveaway + being a lover of these eco bags (I was once in a frenzy, trying to accumulate as much of these canvass totes as I can!) I just can’t help but join. Well, mums can’t really have that much eco bags, right? You never know when they will be handy.

For now, I lag the PMC bag Mommy Peh gave during our PMC Grand EB (which I have yet to post, by the way, arrghh, the long list of backlogs!) + am totally loving it! I stash it mostly in my son’s diaper bag (which by the way is also an eco-friendly bag aptly called Earth Pockets, I got from Indigo Baby last year) whenever we go out, so I’d have a bag ready + can easily say no to plastic bags.

Here’s a photo of my earth bags in action during our Easter day out, whilst my son had a grand time with the cart + my sis, Cecille kept watch.

So, if I were you, you’d best join this giveaway to start building up your eco-bag collection + begin working for a plastic ( + possibly, clutter!) free environment!
Simply write about the giveaway + probably you can link back to sis Marie’s giveaway post while you’re at it 🙂
Good luck,

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  1. Sis, ikaw pala si Vix 🙂 Thanks for adding me up sa Fb, hiya lang ako minsan mag-add but I enjoy reading and getting bits of pieces from all PMC moms.

    Thanks for joining in, May 14 will be the announcement of winners… 😉

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