got my shirts from Kcat!

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It took me awhile to write about this (noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately in both my blogs, I wonder if it was due to the scorching summer heat, my usual lazy attitude due to my period or plain lack of time, am not really sure that is why am trying to step up + keep up with all my blogging back-logs, yep including my entries to the weekly memes that I love to participate in.  Now on to the task at hand, sorry for the long segue way)

I got the shirts I ordered from Kcat a few Fridays back (I convinced all my siblings to purchase one for themselves too, I would’ve bought one for Jared as well, but they don’t have it on kids’ size).

I particularly liked the design of the shirts (all 3 girls got the “heart” shirts whilst ken opted for the “hear” design) + the fabric, it was surprisingly comfortable to wear even if it is in black. We’re planning to buy another one for each of us, maybe a white “hear” shirt this time. Here’s my photo wearing the shirt when I attended MommyPower last Sunday (sorry for the poor photo quality, I have yet to master the art of self-portrait taking, see!)

It is also a delight to learn that Kcat had a successful operation last Monday (she had undergone an open head surgery in PGH to remove a  tumor that’s causing her right eye to bulge) + is now quickly recuperating from it. Now she needs our help to aid her + her family to sustain her medications.

If you are planning to buy a new shirt, maybe you can try out Kcat’s (which she personally designed, by the way), you will not only be getting a new shirt but will be able to help someone in need too!

Visit her site to see her lovely shirt designs + other merchandise +  for details on how to order. Also, don’t forget to watch her on ABS-CBN later tonight to know more about this amazing lady.

Love + Light,

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