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Am totally lovin’ every bit of this blogmeme (from the uber cute badge, to ultra-pretty font – that I just can’t resist so I had to copy it into my post – hope you don’t mind sis Kaye ;))

And here is my entry for this week’s topic, my favorite, too! FOOD!

One of the many things that come to mind is pasta, I can eat pasta all day, in any form: macaroni, spaghetti, pesto, penne, etcetera, etcetera! I simply love ’em with any accoutrements, hotdogs, cheese + lots of cheese, dried basil + tomatoes, tuna! Ohh, I can eat just about anything pasta! Now, writing about them is making me hungry + making my mouth water!

Am craving Pizza Hut’s spaghetti with meatalls!Nom, nom! I can go on + on about other food items but I think I’ll just stick with this one, my ultimate favorite!

If bread is the king of Italian cuisine then pasta is the queen!

Looking forward to your to-die-for food entry! Click on the GT badge for more!

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