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April 7 – Food

April 14 – Celebrity

April 21 -Clothing

April 28 – Gadget

Am totally lovin’ every bit of this blogmeme (from the uber cute badge, to ultra-pretty font – that I just can’t resist so I had to copy it into my post – hope you don’t mind sis Kaye ;))

And here is my entry for this week’s topic, my favorite, too! FOOD!

One of the many things that come to mind is pasta, I can eat pasta all day, in any form: macaroni, spaghetti, pesto, penne, etcetera, etcetera! I simply love ’em with any accoutrements, hotdogs, cheese + lots of cheese, dried basil + tomatoes, tuna! Ohh, I can eat just about anything pasta! Now, writing about them is making me hungry + making my mouth water!

Am craving Pizza Hut’s spaghetti with meatalls!Nom, nom! I can go on + on about other food items but I think I’ll just stick with this one, my ultimate favorite!

If bread is the king of Italian cuisine then pasta is the queen!

Looking forward to your to-die-for food entry! Click on the GT badge for more!

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  1. andami ko ng nadaan na pasta sa GT foodie..hehehe
    My GT Foodie have a nice day!:)
    Shengkay’s Journal
    Shengkay Random Nest

  2. Yay! A pasta lover here too! Next to pizza that is. Usual combination = pizza and pasta! Same here though, I can eat anything pasta! But most especially pesto / carbonara sauces. Yum!

    Happy GT dear. Here’s mine! Hope you could visit my entry. 🙂

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  3. lurf! lurf! ang sarap naman nito. wala na sira na diet ko.hehehhe happy GT sis! 🙂
    followed your two blogs. hope u find time to follow my other blogs as well. thanks.

  4. I like pasta but not that much. I am afraid to try of a different taste on different restaurants. I often ordered pasta but once I tasted it to a mates plate I immediately order for myself.(pa-safe) ^_^ Happy Yummy GT!

  5. Sarap naman ng pasta with meatballs. I try to cook pasta here but I end up finishing it all because my husband is not a pasta lover. Mine is up – My GT Entry.

  6. baka may italian blood ka din hihi.. my hubby loves pasta and pizza too kaya niloloko ko sya na italian sya. Anyway check my food to die for also Here

  7. i can’t agree more with everything that you said here. i’m a pasta lover too! add tomatoes, cheese, basil, and cheese….did i say cheese already? 😀
    enjoy the weekend!

  8. i can also live off pasta for the rest of my life. gaaahh. i already miss spaghetti, to think we ate tons just yesterday!

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