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For this week’s GT entry, I have this song as a shoe-in, Despicable Me theme, I’ve been humming this tune for weeks (or was it months?) on end. Blame it on me + my son’s addiction to this lovable sinister character, Gru. We’ve watched the flick so many times, I can now make a good Gru impression + memorized almost everyone’s lines by heart (yes including some of the minions’ garbled dialogues!). We simply fell in love with all the characters that my son (including me) wouldn’t mind watching it many times over.

Here’s my lovely LSS:

And here are the words (pretty easy to get stuck in your mind really):

I’m having a bad bad day
It’s about time that I get my way
Steam rollin in whatever I? see,
Oh, despicable me

I’m badder than a bad bad day
If you take it personal that’s okay
Watch, this is so fun to see
Oh, despicable me

Here are more interesting LSS prospects 🙂

Love + Light,

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  1. I super love this song! I was LSS-ing on this when we first watched it. I was actually thinking of making it as my message alert tone, hahaha!

    I’m sorry, I am so late with the blog-hopping. Here is my Girls Talk for LSS entry: Rainbow Connection by Johnoy Danao

  2. i hate you! hahaha! i just got over my LSS of this song!!!! grrrr.. as in. day in day out, yan ang tugtog ko. wahhahaha! super!

    i so love Pharrell! nidownload ko nga the whole album of the Despicable Me soundtrack dahil jan. waaahh!! yan maeLSS na naman ako! wahaha

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