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  1. nice dress! wish i could something like it someday, but there’s no way i could wear the swim suit, lol! mine’s HERE by the way..

  2. wish i could that red sun dress at the blink of an eye

    have a great weekend hope you check out my entry here.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  3. love the swimsuits in the end but am sure that they don’t love me back as much as i’ll probably break them into 4 pieces if I try to put them on, hehehe….

  4. oOOHHH. Yoga apparel. Nice choice. I love my dance clothes too. šŸ˜›

    And how come everyone wants a summer dress. šŸ™‚ ME TOOO.

  5. a month after our clothes topic was only when i realized that i would die for several new sun dresses and a bathing suit! i don’t have any of those right now, and i hope i can update my wardrobe soon. it’s in dire need of changing! LOL

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