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I am not really a very techie person. I am content with my gadgets and gyzmo, even if they are not top-of-the-line or not the latest models. As long as they do the trick well + help gets the job done, I am fine with them.

But since the GT topic for this week is actually all about gadgets to-die-for, I decided to splurge (in my imagination, at least ;)) + chose 2 of the gadgets I’d die to have if given the chance or if my scarce purse content will allow!

The first one is this very chic + sleek Asus Laptop, very cute too, right? Am sure the price will be equally surprising, but with all of its features + functionality, + if one has the means to buy it, I am sure it will be well worth every buck! If I were to upgrade into a lappy, I don’t think I can afford this, but something with a bigger memory for all of Jared’s photos + videos, faster processor so I can finish my tasks + possibly my blog posts in half the time + higher video/audio quality, plus giving me enough mobility to go around while using it, will be the best in my book! Sorry, all those techie jargon is gibberish to me 🙂

Another to-die-for gadget I’d really love to have is this lovely baby:

dslr, camera, canon

Imagine all the breath-taking + almost-professional photos I can take with this thing! Not to mention, this baby makes all its subject much, much prettier. To die for, really, right?

Enough of my daydreaming, I have to go + finish 2 more articles, before I salivate over these gyzmos + wish that I can have them for Mother’s Day! :)))

For more of to-die-for gadgets, do stop by

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  1. The asus laptop is my curreent using now, it is really handy and very cute and girly.I am same with you, I would also love this canon camera since I love to take photo and also would love to be a photographer.

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