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How would you rate yourself as a mother, 10 being the highest?

Wow, I never really ponder on it + neither was I excited to rate myself as a mother, see I’ve only been one for 19 months, I have way too much yet to learn along the way. Whereas I’d hate to admit I am failing miserably in this new venture in my life, + rate myself low, neither do I want to unnecessarily inflate my mummy-ego by saying “yeah I am the best there is!” Neither statement holds true.

Motherhood is a never-ending series of learning + unlearning, see, I’ve gotten past the firs few stages (i.e. being a mum of a newborn or an infant or a 1-year old), I’d say with a lot of blunders but with a mixture of many little successes, too! The unknown is yet to be conquered + the adventure is still out there! So I cannot rest on my laurels + maybe allowing a li’l congratulatory pat on the back every now + then  is much like the most ideal way to celebrate little victories.  When my son grows older I’d have to learn how to let him take flight on his own + I wonder how I’d fare by then.

But one thing I know for sure is that I’d want to be the best mum my son  could ever have. How I’d accomplish it? By educating myself on the latest on childcare + child development but more importantly by being there for Jared each time that he needs me, giving him my 101% attention + showing him in every possible way I can just how much I love him.

So, how would you rate yourself as a mum? I’d love to know, leave your rates in the comment box down there.

Love + Light,

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  1. Being a mom could be the most difficult thing in the world, yet it could also be the most rewarding. I’m finding it hard to answer the question in this meme :). Maybe later, I’ll have enough enlightenment to make my entry. hehe

    1. it is actually the most difficult, trying to mold a baby to be a better citizen of the universe in the future is no easy feat!i am sure you’ll find the enlightenment you seek sis 😉

    1. very hard indeed mommy mitch, so i decided to veto 😉
      of course, am enjoying your meme, i’ve actually made scheduled posts for the two remaining ones;)

  2. You are already the BEST MOM your son could ever have! Bear in mind that no one else can love him as much as you do. ^_^

    Check out my rating at

  3. I think all mum wanted to be a supermum, well correction not all pala hehe. May mga mommy pala na not happy with their life as a mum so those are the kind of mum that has to be given a rate of zero. but mum like you sis, who choose to be SAHm para maalagan ang mga anak dapat ma bigyan ng rate na 10. ako mag rate sayo hehehe., you’re 10 hehehe

  4. It is really hard to rate oneself as a Mom, coz it is a learning process indeed. But for the simple reason that we are all trying our best to give our best for our kids…we all deserve a perfect 10.

    Visiting from TBE and SAHM Meme (Mine is up too at How Do I Fare as A MOM)

  5. I miss that stage, when my kids were still so little they always wanted to be carried! Treasure these moments coz kids grow so fast…always remember how happy you are with every little achievements he does so when things get a bit rocky, you will just have to look back and remember what a kind mom you were to your baby. 🙂 Happy weekend!

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