How would you rate yourself as a mother, 10 being the highest?

Wow, I never really ponder on it + neither was I excited to rate myself as a mother, see I’ve only been one for 19 months, I have way too much yet to learn along the way. Whereas I’d hate to admit I am failing miserably in this new venture in my life, + rate myself low, neither do I want to unnecessarily inflate my mummy-ego by saying “yeah I am the best there is!” Neither statement holds true.

Motherhood is a never-ending series of learning + unlearning, see, I’ve gotten past the firs few stages (i.e. being a mum of a newborn or an infant or a 1-year old), I’d say with a lot of blunders but with a mixture of many little successes, too! The unknown is yet to be conquered + the adventure is still out there! So I cannot rest on my laurels + maybe allowing a li’l congratulatory pat on the back every now + then  is much like the most ideal way to celebrate little victories.  When my son grows older I’d have to learn how to let him take flight on his own + I wonder how I’d fare by then.

But one thing I know for sure is that I’d want to be the best mum my son  could ever have. How I’d accomplish it? By educating myself on the latest on childcare + child development but more importantly by being there for Jared each time that he needs me, giving him my 101% attention + showing him in every possible way I can just how much I love him.

So, how would you rate yourself as a mum? I’d love to know, leave your rates in the comment box down there.

Love + Light,

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