music monday: adolescents {a new single by incubus}

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My Music Monday entries just found a new home here to give way to more mum-jared related posts or blog memes on jared’s little corner.

Well, you would’ve guessed by now that I am an Incubus-crazed mum (way too obvious, ayt?) + it does felt like going back to my adolescent days when, upon checking my e-mails, I found this exciting news from the Incubus World Headquarters that a new song is recently released (on 04 April, to be exact) + an the best bit of news followed: Incubus is going to the Philippines on 28 July for another rockin’ concert at the Big Dome. Can’t wait for that, although, unlike with the other 2 concerts they’ve had before (first at the CCP Open Grounds in 2004 + at the Araneta Coliseum in March 2008), where I had front row seats, I guess I’ll be settling with just watching from the upper box this time around. Why? Simply because I can’t shell out that much moolah since me baby boy will be celebrating his 2nd birthday in August. I’d be delighted to watch the band from afar it if means having a memorable, yet simple birthday celebration for my little one! You know, putting priorities first! ­čśë

So as the excitement builds up as we Incu-nutters await the coming of our demi-god come July, allow me some adolescents moment as I relieved + celebrate my incuself!

Hope you enjoy this song, which, by the way, still has to grow on me!

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Love + Light,

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  1. heard new incubus song and really excited for their new album considering radiohead, the strokes, and now death cab have all let me down

    1. am not really a fan of radiohead or the strokes + have yet to hear a song from death really excited myself, + think they’ve just announced a Philippine concert in July! am beside myself with excitement! ­čśë

  2. sometimes mistakes can be blessing in disguise i guess, thanks for the kind words + glad you liked the theme, it was built in the first time i moved into this space + was not able to find a better replacement!

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