For this week’s Pink Friday I have my pink tokens from last week’s PMC Grand EB! I know I have yet to write about the wonderful experience in Kamayan – Megamall last Sunday + yes, it is in the works, will be posting it after this one ;)

Back to my lovely pink tokens here,  they are :

  • the lovely pink paper soaps in a tube bottle by equally lovely Mommy Cherry,
  • the eco-friendly ecobag with the cute PMC logo, with the “C” being all pink from Mommy Peh,
  • Mommy Rossell‘s (who can’t join, by the way, since her aunt passed away ~ our condolences again, Mommy) cutey flipflops keychain,
  • the interesting bookmark, hand-made with love, by Mommy C5 (did you know that it is made up of keyboard scraps + magnetic beads?), cool stuff really + i love the cool note too ;),
  • of course, Mommy Rubz gave us a cute, little cuddly bear apart from this uber cute pink business card,
  • Sis Ning‘s fab calling card, with the pink lady designed by no-less than her better half. You forgot to give me a token sis, how could you, when we were sitting next to each other the entire time? You owe me one! :( ,
  • Mommy Iris is the best token giver with this KSA Magic 3 in 1 soap, which by the way disappeared the  moment it got out of my bag into my sis’ beauty loot! ;)

I’ll be featuring all of my other PMC tokens + moments in a few, meanwhile, for more pink stuffs click on this lovely:  

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