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Do you tell your significant other everything about your worries?

I am really such a worry wart, so as best as I can, I try to downplay my worries + choose the ones to tell Jared’s dad + keep most of them to myself. I believe that sharing your woes make the load a lot lighter by dividing your grief, but sometimes he tends to be much worse of a worrier than me + tends to be such a negatron that I find it best to  keep it to myself or share my worries with my sister (who I know can get quite annoyed at times, but she loves her nephew to bits so I’m sure she doesn’t mind!) instead. We do discuss stuffs like Jared’s vaccines or consultation schedules with his pedia, or about my worries on baby’s habit to refuse eating solids, or whenever Jared reaches a milestone or learned something new or did something funny or unusual. I try my best to keep him up-to-date with what’s going on in Jared’s little corner, the best I can.  But there are just so many things better left unsaid, too, for everyone’s benefits…

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  1. I’m like you. If I really have to tell na, I only choose kung ano lang pwede share ko with whoever.

  2. I can understand your thoughts there! I feel like there are a lot of things better left unsaid but for me, it’s best to have them shared especially when they create heartaches and heavy loads on my part. I guess I am the only one then who shares everything to my partner. 🙂 YES, I Do Tell! is my very first entry for this meme. I hope to see you at my new page. Also, I’m going to follow you via GFC. I hope you can do the same for me as well. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hi sis, been here from SAHM….

    Ewan ko ba minsan feeling ko wonder woman ako na I can do everything and OK lang na ako ang magworry instead of them..Kasi may ugali si hubby na super mag alala at naapektuhan ang mood nya…kaya I keep it to myself, pero it shows namans a moods ko hehehehe. HIndi sila sanay na tahimik ako kasi super akong masayahin at madaldal kaya it shows…

    But when it comes to matters that concern our kids and our marriage share ko yan kay hubby…except yung heart ache & lovelife ng aking dalaga kasi magagalit yun pag nalaman nyang pinapayagan ng makiBF si teen Ishi namin eh may cry cry moments pa…very fatherly reaction.

  4. for me I think it is best to share everything with your partner, whether good pa yun or bad. because I want him to do the same, bothered ako kpg alam ko na meron worry si hubby na di nya share sken..and same thing with share nlng para everybody happy 🙂

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