15 minutes of fame: a meme feature

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When SAHMone Speaks

May is a special month for us Moms, Mother’s Day!. This is the time when most Moms are given tribute for all the hard work and patience extended to the family. Therefore, questions for this month will be relevant as to how Moms take care of the family and up to what extent. No worries, no difficult questions will be thrown.

For the merry month of May, one of my favorite memes, When SAHMONE speaks, will be featuring a bunch of mummies weekly, with their answers to pressing questions about motherhood + parenting. It kicked off with a feature on Mommy Cielo, or the Brown Pinay, last week.  And, yes, you have probably guessed it by now, this week, it will be this mummy’s turn to be featured! Woot!

I hope you check out my answer to this query: What are the aspects of your own mum’s parenting style you’d want to adapt? + I hope you come up with your own answers + join us for a Monday of meme fun! Don’t forget to link up!

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