am one proud momma!

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Am a mum to a very unique 20-month old baby, who could be very sweet + cuddly at one moment or very stubborn + willful the next. He throws a tantrum to have his way around + he sure knows how to have me (and the rest of the grown-ups in the household) wrapped around his fingers. He is very sweet, giving me kisses after kisses + hugs upon hugs each morning when we wake up. He would sometimes break into a song (which only he understands, really ;)), or hum a very familiar melody that I would exclaim “you’re so big now, you can sing already!” I’ll know by the way his brows are furrowed together that he is mad or I’ll know that he’s up to something naughty with the way he smiles. He is very charming too, worming his way into my heart, latching there + never to part yet ever again.

I delight in my little one’s small achievements, his tiny milestones are like my biggest victories + I’d always feel like I’ve won a Nobel Prize whenever he learned something new, nothing is too trivial + nothing is so minute. I celebrate each of them with the same gusto + pizzazz! His first steps are much like conquering the Grand Canyon + his first swim is like a feat worthy of an Olympic medal!

Am a proud momma, alright! + my son’s eccentricities + idiosyncrasies are but more reasons that make him uniquely his own. They are what makes him special + I could never be prouder ūüėČ

Love + Light,


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  1. As moms, we are really proud of our baby’s achievements. We almost feel like singing, “Every little thing he does is magic”. ūüôā You’ll just keep getting prouder as he grows up, right?

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