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If my mum were around I’d bring her to blogging events + I know she would dig the idea, she loved to be always on her toes, see!  It would’ve been convenient to have an available companion to go with me + my son wherever we like, plus it would mean loads + loads of bonding time for me + my mum + my son. Just perfect…wishful thinking..haist!

Anyway, this Mother’s Day, much like the past ones, we will be celebrating with a visit to my parent’s graves + laying flowers for my Mama. I guess, even if she is no longer around, there is no reason for us to stop celebrating, she will be with us in spirit anyway + there is simply no way you’d stop thanking + celebrating the person who brought you out into the world, nurture you all your life + gave her self selflessly to you + your family. The only downside is we have limited ways of celebrating it, now that our mum has passed on (+ is probably partying with  our pops, + Jesus + his saints + blessed Pope John Paul II!).

I can just imagine the numerous fun stuff we can do, if she were still around. I’d probably bring her to the salon + we will have our hair + nails done (we never get to do that when she was alive, Mama is not that kikay, see + neither am I) + have a foot spa, or we  can have a massage, or we can watch a film together (maybe we can check out that latest one from Aga + Angel Locsin) or we can probably eat out, I’d love to bring her to Buddies + have her sample their pancit habhab (a noodle dish, which is a specialty of Quezon province), my favorite!  Mama loves pancit, too ;) Or we can go to a picnic together with my siblings + the grandchildren, I bet it would’ve been fun + something we’d all look back in a few year’s time.

Thoughts about the could’ve beens are traversing in my mind, but I simply refuse to let that bring me down. Even if Mama is no longer with us physically, I know that she always looks down on us from heaven + is keeping watch of my son. That thought always cheers me up:)

So, to all those whose mothers are still around this is your chance to show your mum just how much you appreciate them, make use of it + savor the moments.

Here are some fun ideas on how to celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day:

1. If you’re a blogger, one fun way of honoring your mum is writing a tribute about your mother on your blog. While you’re at it, you may also want to check out sis Sigrid’s Remembering Mama Contest, where you can also get a chance to win a prize. Better yet, you can create a separate account for your mum + have her start her own blog ;)

2. Create DIY gifts for your mums, I know they will totally like ’em. I’ve written about some samples here.

3. Send your mum a card, I used to do this when I was little. If you are creative, you can make one yourself or if you are keen on writing, maybe you can compose a poem for her + write about how thankful you are for having her as a mum. I know mum’s heart will melt with this one.

4. Make Mother’s Day vouchers for your mum on this special day, with a note saying she can claim the items written there anytime she wants with no expiration ;) Your voucher can be as extravagant as a fine dining experience for 2, or a mum’s day off, which can include mum being free of household chores for one entire day with a GC  to her favorite spa, or it can also be as simple yet touching as an unlimited kisses + hugs for today. The scope of your vouchers depends on your creativity!

5. Surprise her with a gift of something you know she’s been really wanting to have for herself, like a watch, a pair of trainers, a set of matryoshka dolls, or anything you know she’ll definitely love. Or if you are on a tight budget, you can plan a surprise picnic in the nearby park with you preparing all the food + planning about the event.

6. If you’re mum’s into yoga, maybe you can spend an entire yoga session with her for some mum-daughter bonding time.

Just be creative + think of the stuffs that interest your mum the most. Am sure she will appreciate it very much + she will have a blast celebrating this Mother’s Day ;)

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