embracing the changes that motherhood entails

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When SAHMone Speaks

The moment you saw your first born, how did you welcome and embrace the changes, you, being a mom and home maker at the same time?

I guess even if it took me quite awhile, maybe a few days (yep that soon!), to embrace the changes in my life that the arrival of my son entailed, it actually came with the territory. I guess our brains are such brilliant + pliant things that they easily adopt to changes, no matter how huge or inconsequential these changes might be. I welcomed this chapter in my life with open arms + am only willing to do anything in my power to make it work, + hopefully become successful.

The moment I heard my son cried, in the clinical room where I was operated on C-section, I knew that my life will change beyond my wildest imaginings + there will be times that I will have a hard time recognizing it as my own. + I knew that from then on it will no longer be “me first” but will always be “the baby first.”

It was a challenge. Being a mother is no walk in the park + at times I’d think whatever the hell I was thinking getting myself into this mess. It was total hard work, + thinking back now, how I managed to juggle motherhood, being a homemaker and having a full-time job for almost nine months, beats me!

24 hours of every day is hardly ever enough for all the things I have to do, there is a baby that needs your 101% attention 24/7, there are feeding bottles to wash, baby clothes to laundry, not to mention a 9-5 job (or shall I say a 3-12mn job, since I worked in a Call Center?) to attend to + household chores to finish, on top of that. It was one mean feat +Ā  I was dead-tired at the end of everyday, only when you have a baby, the day never ends, really. You’ll have a hard time figuring out where the first day ends + the next begins. There’s just a continuous stream of chores + tasks to do that you can’t stop lest you’ll find yourself neck-deep in the pile of soiled cloth diapers to wash, or a ton of used feeding bottles to sterilize! It’s one sick cycle that never ends really.

But, I guess I’ll do it all again. It is hard work, all right. But nothing beats cuddling with your little one at the end of the day or waking up with a shower of little wet kisses! Plus, my life is a thousand time better now that my son is in it šŸ˜‰

Love + Light,

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