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In search to help alter the effects of climate change + save the environment, I am signing up to have my blog Carbon Positive. Want to know how I’d do just that? Here are the three simple steps:

  • am adding a CO2+ button my blog’s sidebar
  • am writing this blog post about signing up to this initiative
  • afterwards, I will be sending an e-mail to to tell them about it!

+ that’s it! They will send me an email to confirm when they’ve planted my tree in one of the 4 US National Forests they are rehabilitating! Very easy right? Now, imagine if every mum in PMC will sign up? That will add up to 143 new saplings planted on a forest somewhere, + if the mums will sign up all their other blogs into the project that would mean a whole lot more trees growing in a few years time, cool, right? Imagine cleaner air for our children to breathe! I only wish there is a project like this here in the Philippines, hmm, maybe I’ll try to pitch the idea to WWF? What do you think?

Now, I’d like to make a simple request that you join me in this endeavor. Simply sign up with the linky below. Am sure your children will appreciate it + so will Mummy Earth! Thanks 😉

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  1. I’m joining this cause in a while sis! Thanks for sharing! I really do hope that we have this as well in the Philippines…

    Visiting from Green Monday. Here’s mine, hope you can visit it: CXG Airsoft Game Site

  2. thanks for the share, will definitely sign up too

    Enjoy the rest of the week, Here’s my green entry for the week, hope you check it out too.
    Food and Passion
    I Love Darly!

  3. being aware , doing it and sharing is something really commendable. thanks for joining and hoping each and everyone will understand the meaning of being green. Continue living green.

  4. My accomplice and I really enjoyed studying this blog post, I used to be simply itching to know do you trade featured posts? I’m always looking for somebody to make trades with and merely thought I might ask.

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