green monday: plants at coral view

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I took this photo when we went to Coral View, in Subic for our family summer outing a few weeks back (I know, I was not able to post about it yet, I am so guilty for all the backlogs + all + I intend to make up for it by updating this blog very, very soon ;))

In front of Coral View resort are these plants in the pigeon house, greeting the visitors and welcoming them into the place. I fell in love with these plants so I took a photo. We were just strolling around, Jared in my arms + waiting for Jared’s dad, just before we head back home after a day’s fun at the beach ūüėČ

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  1. i have plants like that pero maliit nga lang, i wished i can have my own garden too, hmm, mahirap pag maliit ang space, thanks for joining.

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