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May 5 – Most Memorable

One of my most memorable summer was back in 2007 when I went on a two-day vacation (with the rest of my teammates) to Coco Beach in Puerto Galera. It was a breathtaking island paradise + the cottages in the mountain slope are really very beautiful complete with dainty mosquito nets (they’d make you feel like a princess), the food is sumptuous, especially the seafoods! It was totally a dream vacation + what’s even better is we didn’t shell out a cent for the trip, it was an all-expense paid vacay, courtesy of our company, our price for being the number 1 team for 3 quarters, I think! The only thing missing is my family – if I am sharing the moment with them, it would’ve been really perfect!

My friend, Joey (who’s actually a mermaid in her past life ;)), taught me how to swim + I really learned how to float + paddle from one end of the pool to the next (now am not sure whether I can still swim or not, I am rusty + I haven’t gone swimming in ages!). I swam in the pools (with little kids, until I was brave enough to test the bigger water) + in the beach as well.

During the afternoon, we’d frolic on the beach whilst sipping on our green mango or strawberry shakes. We’d sunbathe for a while + would lie on the hammock situated near the seafront.

+ did I tell you I wore swimsuit for the first time in my entire life? I kinda liked it! Only because I never had this prodtruding tummy + ghastly saddle bags back then. But, of course, I didn’t have that much guts to stroll along the beach in my two-piece so I’d top it with a shirt dress for cover-up. Too bad the only photo I had without the cover-up was deleted by Jared’s dad from my digicam.┬á Me + the girls were fooling around our cottage + challenged each one to shed off the cover-up + have our photos taken. Which somebody took with my camera + then it was gone ­čÖü Dang it! Had I known I’d miss my old body, I would’ve saved the picture + have it printed + preserved for posterity! Oh, well, I guess I can still work out to get the old body back, but it sure will be one heck of a hard work, plus am not sure whether the saddle bags would come off if I do!

We also did some kayaking (I did it twice, one with Joey + another one with Jas) + island hopping + went to the Puerto Galera main island. It was also my first time there + I fell in love with the place. I love the vibe + the ambiance + how it feels like a year-long beach party in there. We bought some souvenirs from the island shops + have some more photos taken.

The Coco Beach experience made me wish I live there or somewhere near the beach so I can work on my swimming skills everyday + hopefully practice surfing, too! Well, who knows, maybe when am 60 I’d get myself a cottage near the beach + I’d go onperpetual summer holidays + swim in the ocean everyday + probably raise my surfer dude. ­čśë

What is your summer to remember? ­čÖé

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