gt: what're you wearing this summer?

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May 12 – Fave Outfit

This summer is particularly way too hot + humid, I’d really love to be in cool + comfortable clothes to help me beat the heat. My usual summer staple clothes will have to be my comfy shorts + any light-fabric shirt or tank top. Much like the ones in these photos:

I wish I could also wear girly stuffs like sundresses + skirts, but they will get in the way of  childminding + it wouldn’t be too convenient wearing a dress whilst I do most of the household chores, so I’ll settle for what’s comfortable + what works best for me.

What’re you lovin’ to wear this summer? Do share…

For summer fave outfits when you click on the GT badge here:

Have a great weekend, ladies 😉

Love + Light,

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  1. I love wearing the same type of comfy clothes too… Always going for comfy ones than the chic ones. But just as you, I wish to wear girly clothes too once in a while… however it really do get in the way, lol.

    Hope you can visit me back:

    See you next week!

  2. you are right! what’s important is that we are comfortable on what we wear! happy GT!

    please see my GT entry! thanks!

  3. love the first shot! it’s so beautiful in there! moms, even though they want to be fashionable, have to sacrifice that over more sensible clothes. sana when svet is a bit older, i can start looking my old self again ^^

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