tried ayosdito for online {window}shopping?

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I’ve been tapping on these online buying + selling sites for a while now. Not only because they are very suitable for an online window shopping spree, where I can browse lists upon lists of items + products with just a click of my mouse, but it is also very convenient + saves a lot of time,  especially for mums like me, who seldom have the time to go out every so often, as it gets in the way of our mothering duties.

If you are into online shopping just like me, I suggest you try out the local ones we have like AyosDito? You might be looking  for second-hand-and-sold-at-a-much-cheaper-price books (which is my case most of the time), or brand new or previously owned baby items, like clothes, shoes or gears (which was my case for a while too, as I was in a hunt for previously owned high chair + walker), you might be looking for anything under the sun, yes, including an  apartment for rent in Quezon City or a rare edition of a celebrity’s autobiography + you’d find exactly what you’re looking for in AyosDito.

Not only will they have a host of products you might be interested in, but this Buy and Sale site is  also very comprehensive that they have listings from anywhere in the archipelago. So you can be looking for a vintage car in Davao + they will direct you exactly to a local one nearest you. How neat is that? It saves you all the hassle, the trouble + the unnecessary stress related with product canvassing. They also  have a pool of certified trust-worthy sellers you can conveniently contact though e-mails or through text for your next successful + fast transaction.

You can even try to post items you’d like to sell or dispose of in this site. + you need not worry if you will be using the site for the first time, as it is very user-friendly, it won’t take rocket science to figure your way around.

One day, I hope I might be able to browse through AyosDito again for an ad much like the one depicted in the photo above. I’ve been toying with the idea of having my own house + moving out from my parent’s house, where I’ve practically lived all my life 😉 Wishful thinking really, unless I get myself a regular job (in that case I must consider getting apartments in Manila, there is probably no way I can save enough to afford a new house! But who knows, I might just win the Lottery, right?

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  1. Yup, online shopping is indeed convenient. You can find most things you need or want online. Word of caution, though…it can be highly addictive! 🙂 I used to shop online late last year, and i think I spent more than what I actually needed. I guess, whether it’s online or offline shopping, we do need to exercise restraint when it comes to spending our money 🙂

  2. ill check it out too.. been looking for properties to invest to in Philippines kasi

    have a great week momi vix

    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  3. I’ve been using that site to survey the prices of second hand cars and doing so has given me a rough estimate of how much I should save…

  4. You’re right, if you have the computer and internet, it is very convenient to window shop or shop online. You save money for Fare just to go to the local stores just to window shop. 🙂

  5. I love online shopping. It’s convenient and easy. I don’t go anywhere for six months because of my job but I always go for online shopping whenever I needed something and that makes it easy for me without paying for my gas and taking the whole day for store shopping.

  6. It’s really great to buy online. Not only do I save time in looking around for the right item but I also save money not having to pay for my fare before I can find the right item. 🙂

  7. hello Vix, sarap mag window-shopping talaga, lalo na sa AyosDito,daming makikita, kulang lang talaga eh pangshopping.. lol..anyways followed too, visit my post too for Ayos Dito, thanks!!! 🙂

  8. helpful talaga ang ayosdito. jan din ako naghahanap ng mga kelangan ko. from apartments to cellphones, laptops and toy, meron sila.

  9. mahilig ako sa window shopping, at mas okay ata ang window shopping online kasi di sasakit ang mga paa ko sa kakalakad at di mamimintig ang mga binti ko sa kakatayo sa harap ng mga stores. ehehe kaya I will try this one out, for fun and for good:)

  10. Hi Vix! What’s great about AyosDito is that the system was strategically assigned by location, island to island. Your so true with the window shopping – less hassles, less traffic, less stress, less walking. You got to browse everything in just one sitting.

    Btw, I’m your new follower thru GFC, hope you follow me back 🙂

  11. You can find not only products but for sale properties as well @ AyosDito.PH that’s why it is so convenient to use.

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