saturday 9: will you still love me tomorrow?

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1. Have you ever been in a situation with a lover where you did not know what tomorrow would bring?

Yes, I can totally relate to this!

2. What worries you most today?

My baby’s health + future.

3. Could I tell if you were lying to me?

Yes, I am such a lousy liar + I cannot tell an outright lie without batting an eyelash!

4. What do you miss most about the 80s?

The vibe 😉

5. What’s going on that you can’t understand?

Too much violence in the world.

6. How would I know if you liked me?

I’d tell you if I do.

7. If you ever won an award, what would you want it to be for?

For being the best mum to my son 😉

8. What would we be surprised to know that you’ve done?

I won first prize in an essay writing contest in high school.

9. What’s the most exotic mixed drink you remember trying? Did you enjoy it?

If my memory serves me right, I think it is Tequilla Rose. I enjoyed it, save for the aftertaste 🙁

Love + Light,

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    1. thanks sis, you’ll see a lot of violence in this world you’d wonder what the people’s agenda are + why they manage to commit such violence..thanks for stopping by 😉

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