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a blog + a baby!

this photo was taken during our outing in Bataan just this summer This photo depicts one of the happy (+ I intend to make more of  ’em) moments I shared with my son. He simple love the water (may this be in his bathtub, or the rain dripping down from our window pane, the splashing …

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it is good to be back!

I can’t believe that my last entry was dated June 23rd! Have I been gone that long? Yep, due to the unfortunate incident of my internet’s canopy toppling over last Friday (sort of like a typhoon Falcon aftermath?) around 5.30 in the morning, (I was having this wonderful tete-a-tete with sis Shengkay when I heard …

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gt: class picture

This week’s topic for Girls Talk is all about class pictures. I am posting two of the many that I have, not because they are my favorite or that I look the most fab (that word is not yet in my vocabulary back then! :)) in them, but because they are the ones readily available …