bc bloggers meme 02: food nostalgia

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My Mama is definitely a very excellent cook, + a lot of people, including relatives, friends + neighbors can attest to that. Needless to say, me + my 4 siblings are always stocked up on good home-cooked meals, which can be a very tasty kare-kare, sinigang or dinuguan, or a delicious spaghetti, or mouth-watering desserts like minatamis na saging (sweetened banana). But my most favorite of them all + the one that brings back all the good ol’ memories from my childhood, + I am finding it hard to find something that tastes exactly like it, is my mom’s macaroni salad. She always prepares one during Christmas + New Year’s celebration. I simply love  its comforting taste. I remember helping her prepare it (with my help extending to de-boning the chicken + shredding the chicken parts to tiny bits).  But more so, I remember the love + nurturing that goes with every home-cooked meal my mom prepares. Sigh, if only I can cook half as good as she does….

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