continuous learning 01: code is poetry

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I’ve recently migrated my son’s blog to WordPress + boy it was such an experience. I actually mustered enough courage to do it on my own until I found out that some of my posts where lost during the migration. I was faced with a wall that I do not know how to get past or work my way around. In the end, I succumbed + ask Mommy Rubz to help me with it! Bless her she’s done a great job at migrating my blog + was very patient with me too while we were on the process of doing it. It actually took her less that an hour to do it! Would you believe that? I spent hours + hours trying to figure out how to do it + she did it very fast + easy! Really cool!

Now, of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate to name this post as such if I was not able learn a thing or two, right? After the successful transfer of my blog over to the other side, I actually tried tweaking the settings a bit + experimented a few times to see what happens (of course, I was careful to back up my blog first before venturing into the dangerous route of css tweaking!). I have managed to put the Facebook Like button, the new +1 button of Google + the nifty Twitter button, too! Well it wasn’t much but for a beginner like me, I felt like I have accomplished much! But of course, you can also just save yourself all the trouble + install a Plugin!

That is exactly what I did with my son’s font, see I have not discovered how to install a font into WordPress yet, but I will try to look it up. I simply love the font we have on Blogger + would love for it to be migrated, too! Glad I stumble upon this Plugin, Google Fonts, you simply download + activate it + choose amongst the many lovely Google fonts to your heart content! Lovely! This is how the WP blog looks like after I activated the plugin:

I liked that it now resembles the old blog a bit, very familiar to the eye 😉  I didn’t think I’d say this but I am really beginning to enjoy code tweaking in WordPress, I only hope I learn a lot more + improve the look of my site in the process. Learning continuous as long as we live, so I guess, I am up for that challenge!

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  1. madali lang naman magtransfer sis, I migrate my two blogger blog side by side and it was a walk in the park. If you want to change the font, just go to your CSS file in editor,and look for post body, there you could see the font and just type the name of the font you want to use.

    1. mommy willa you are so quick!hehe!galing ka kasi kaya madali lang for you mommy, ako dami pa d alam sa wp kaya lagi nangangapa but am so thankful that mommies like you are very much willing to help a lost soul like me, kaya love ko ang PMC e. mwah! 😀

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