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June 9 – Favorite Subject

My favorite subject will + always will be languages + reading РEnglish + Literature. I guess it is probably because I excel in it (compared to my performance in other subjects, like Math, that is!) + I just definitely enjoy the home works + the activities. I love to read poetry + prose, novels + short stories + essay, too. I also enjoy doing the exercises like writing book reports, reaction  papers + formal themes, I simply revel in them + I look forward to getting them done. One of my favorite ever is when we are assigned to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull + make a reaction paper. It was a fascinating + inspiring read, I actually read it a few times over in the past years. I also find grammar, subject-verb agreement + all those syntax really fascinating.

I was also thinking back then that the English subject is actually one of the most practical + useful subject around since we can really put it to practice once we are out in the brave new world! It doesn’t hurt, too, that I feel like I am in my best element during English classes

So, what was your favorite subject in school?

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  1. i, too, love our grammar classes! all the lessons make sense to me (unlike the Xs and Ys of Algebra), and you are correct, how useful it is to us now that we are blogging. ūüôā

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