i chose to be a stay-at-home mum

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What made you decide to be on your current mommy status (WAHM, SAHM, Working Mom)? Was it hard for you?

I am currently a SAHM + is working my way to being a WAHM. Back when I was still pregnant with my son, it never occurred to me that I’d stop working since I was thinking I needed to earn all the more now that I have a son to raise. I was determined to give him the kind of life that he deserves so I needed to work to be able to do exactly that + afford it, too!

It all changes a few weeks before I was about to go back to work from my maternity leave (I get to stay home much longer since I had a CS operation, I was able to care for my son longer + it really is such a blessing!), the thought of my impending return to work + the long hours of separation from my son seemed unbearable + I know I wasn’t really being practical. Two weeks away from my dreaded return to work, I was crying every night with just the thought of leaving my son home for several hours each day to work in the city. It was actually breaking my heart + I was thinking I won’t last for long!

I actually went on to return to work for several months, it was heartbreaking, especially when my little baby is old enough to detect that I was leaving + would show his protest + disappointment about it! When at work, I was always fidgety, not focused on my job + with thoughts traversing back home, to my son, whom I left to my sister’s care.

It was mid-May of last year that I finally decided to call it quits with my job of almost-five-years + my friends + foes + decided to stay home so I can care for my growing baby. I had a discussion with Jared’s dad who agreed + supported my decision.

It was a little difficult to decide, really, since I am so used to having my own job + earning my own keep, but I was thinking more about my son, see. I do not want to miss any more milestones or any more firsts whilst I was away working.  My son will only be a baby once, anyway + not for a very long time so I decided to be with him until such time that he is old enough to be left in the care of a nanny, or a sister, if faith will be too kind.  I was thinking there will be enough time to work in the future so I can save up for his College education, for now, I’d love to be with him 24/7, showing him just how much I love him + that I will give up anything for him.

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