incubus live in manila on july 28!

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I posted a few weeks back that my most favorite band of all (okay my other most favorite band of all ;)) is coming over to the Philippine shores for yet another rockin’ + explosive show on July 28, 2011. If Not Now, When? World Tour 2011-2012 is in support of their brand new studio album (which is their first in 5 years!) of the same title which will be released on July 12!

Ticket sells at the following rates (prices from

PATRON SEATED (Reserved Seating) 6865
LOWER BOX (LB200 & LB201) (Reserved Seating) 6865
LOWER BOX (LB202 – 215) (Reserved Seating) 4755
UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) 3170


This will be the 2nd time they’ll be playing the Araneta (+ the 3rd time they’re playing in Manila, + the 3rd time I’ll be watching, too! Woot!) + I bet multitudes of Incu-addicts will flock to watch their demi-gods perform, of course, myself included, although am just not sure if I can afford to shell out that much for a front row seat this time. Apart from now being officially jobless, I am only imagining how many packs of diapers + cans of milk formula I can buy with that amount + am beginning to convince myself that I think I’d settle for a much affordable ticket this time around (with a chance to meet the guys backstage, I’m hoping ;))!

Regardless of your seat location, I bet everyone will have a good time listening to the boys perform their hearts out. I can’t wait to hear the new songs from the new album played live, as much as I can’t wait to hear my old all-time favorites being played too! I hope they play The Warmth, New Skin, Oil + Water, Diamonds + Coals, Rogues, A Certain Shade of Green. Ohh, I can go on + on forever, but I know they’d only play about 20 songs + it won’t matter which one since they are all my favorites anyway! 🙂

I know all of us Incubus fans are on the edge of our seats, tottering in anticipation-madness, until July 28 finally arrives, but more the meantime, let us relax + enjoy the gloomy weather whilst listening to this second single off the If Not Now, When? album. Here’s a little background from Brandon about the story of this song (from

“I’ve kind of played with the idea of storytelling before, but never so precisely as I have on this album … [on] two songs in particular: ‘Promises, Promises’ and another track called ‘Isadore,’ ” he explained. ” ‘Promises, Promises,’ is a story about a girl and a guy — go figure — and the girl has built up so much armor around herself with the things that she knows how to do.

“And so, I used these metaphors in the song of, like, magic, like she’s an illusionist, so she creates these illusions around her,” he continued. “And she’s gotten so good at it that she meets somebody who potentially could be someone that could help her break through those illusions and those walls, she can’t really recognize that he could be the real thing, or they could be the real thing, so she’s asking him for one thing: ‘Don’t make me any promises.’ “

Here’s Brandon’s two-cents on the new album (also from

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And here’s the new song Promises, Promises, enjoy!

Brandon also blogged about what he has to say about the rest of the album, + you can read it here For more info, don’t forget to visit their site! I hope it tides you over until July 28! 🙂

See you at the Araneta soon, boys + girls! Rock on!

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