mr. google, the bearer of good news

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Whilst I was excited to be back online after a few days of unintended hiatus, PMC mummies are raving about the current update from Google. Some mummies are so glad to finally have higher pr’s whilst some others were upset to see their pr going down. As for me, I never really imagined I’ll be getting a pr since I have loads of work to do with this blog + my baby’s blog¬† just recently transferred to WP + lost most of its links + connections so so much for dreaming of having a pr, right?

It was only when mummy Phoebe said she’s got pr1 on all of her blogs that I was inspired to check if ever there is an improvement to my pr’s perpetual 0 rate! +, oh boy, I was in for a surprise when upon checking a pr of 1 registered for this blog! Hurrah! Another good reason to be back! Woot!

Let us see how the improved pr rank will work its magic in this blog ūüôā

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