my top commentators for may!

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It’s time  (actually this is quite overdue) to give thanks to my top 10 commentators for last month, I present to you the lovelies:

  1. Mirage Mirage (6)
  2. The Pepperrific Life The Pepperrific Life (5)
  3. Reese Reese (4)
  4. Clarissa Clarissa (3)
  5. January January (3)
  6. Mel Cole Mel Cole (3)
  7. melandriaromero melandriaromero (3)
  8. shengkay shengkay (3)
  9. Stef Stef (3)
  10. darly darly (2)

Top 2 commentators earn a spot on the “Blog of the Month” portion of my sidebar (+ since I posted this 21 days late, I shall be featuring them for the next 31 days to complete an entire month ;)) Again, to everyone who visits + leaves their comment (even if I can’t return them as promptly as I wanted to), many thanks for spending your time here in my little space. I hope I see you again soon, thanks for stopping by!

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