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Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog HopWow, this is quite unexpected. I was really having quite a hectic + stressful Thursday (noticed my sidebar disappeared? You’ve got to scroll down to the bottom of this page to locate it!) what with this unrelenting rain since yesterday + my WP woes! This news is the ray of sunshine in my otherwise gloomy day. Thank you so much bassgiraffe’s Thoughts for this! You just made me day! 🙂

To everyone who’s new to my site, please don’t mind the rather empty look of my blog. I’ve just mustered enough guts to tinker with WP + this is what happened. I managed to change my theme + added some widgets here + there too, so it isn’t really so bad. If you would be such a sweetheart, kindly scroll down to the bottom so you can see my GFC widget + follow me, I promise to follow you back! Much thanks 😉

Again, here are the rules of this blog hop:

  1. Please follow the hosting blog in spot #2 and the Star Blog in spot #1
  2. Please visit as many blogs as you can
  3. Be kind enough to visit back + follow back those who did the same to you
  4. For family friendly blogs only, please
  5. Link up your blog post with the blog hop button to the linky so you might get a chance to be chosen as the Star Blog next week

That’s it! Let the Thursday bloghoppin’ begin 😉

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joining techie she's lucky blogger weekly giveaway

Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 2. This week’s prize is $10 sponsored by Lainy of Lainy’s Musings

This is the first time I’ll be joining this meme/giveaway + for this week’s task, we are to write about anything that has blogger in it + here is my take:

I am currently in the process of migrating my son’s Blogger blog to WordPress. It was no easy task, I tell you since I have zero knowledge about it. I have been trying since the time I received my new domain (which is a prize I got from winning sis Ria‘s giveaway!) + until now I only managed to migrate most of the posts (much thanks to this wonderful plug-in), I said most since I found out that some of the posts were not properly transferred + now I am facing a wall + I do not know how to resolve it! I am torn between trying again for the nth time or succumbing to the easiest route which is to shed some paypal funds so I can let someone else work on my pending blog transfer. I must say, I am very close to shelling out the sum to save me all the trouble + the sleepless nights. I can’t wait to update my son’s blog again, see!

Being a blogger feels like going to College all over again, don’t you agree? + it was just unfortunate that I haven’t got all the time in the world to learn, discover + unlearn everything that I have too. But I am enjoying the journey so far, maybe, there are just some things that is not meant for me to do, e.g. migrating my son’s blog, so therefore, I am decided, I am getting someone’s help to do it for me. Wish me luck, then, will you? 😉

This is my entry to <a href=”” class=”broken_link”>Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 2</a>. This week’s prize is $10 sponsored by Lainy of <a href=””>Lainy’s Musings</a>
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joining totally tuesday bloghop

Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog HopI am joining this blog hop + here are the simple rules:

  1. Add your blog title and URL to the linky
  2. Follow the hostesses Busy Mom’s Tips
  3. Follow any blogs from the linky that you wish
  4. Leave a comment so that you’ll get a follow back
  5. Grab our Totally Tuesday Blog Hop button

Each week one blog from a blog will be selected from the linky to be the future blog for the next week.

So on with the hop! 😉

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