pink fridays: pink mother's day card

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It has been ages since I joined Pink Fridays + yes, I know, it was all my fault! Mea culpa! + I just can’t miss this week’s edition, so without further ado, for my pink share this week, I have this lovely + heartwarming Mother’s Day card which I received from Mommy Rubz, a few days before Mother’s Day. Apart from being touched by the sweet gesture (not to mention the beautiful message written on it!) , this is also the first Mother’s Day card I have ever received, that is why it is really extra special to me, see the little man is not quite big enough to send me one. I just hope when Jared gets older he’d develop the habit of sending me cards like these, cause I totally enjoy receiving + reading them. But, that’s a few more years from now, so I’ll just enjoy this card for the moment!

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    1. hey Gene, i did changed themes + then all the widgets disappear, after i spent much time putting them back again, something happened + every bit of my sidebar went down to the footer area, i can’t figure out what to do ūüôĀ thanks for the visit, by the way…

  1. WOW ang sweet nmn ni mommy Rubz..ako never pang nakatanggap ng mothers day card hehe..anyway late visit for the PF meme, hope you can visit me back, see yah!

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