sunday stealing:the seriously random question meme.1

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Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Your ex’s car is on the side of the road, on fire. What do you do?

Call for help. I don’t have the heart to just leave without doing nothing!

2. Your best friend tells you she is pregnant. What is your reaction?

I will be happy for her, it’s about time she shares in the happiness!

3. When is the last time you wanted to punch someone in the face?


4. What is the last thing you spent money on?

Feeding bottles for my son + shirts for myself 😉

5. Do you think you gained or lost weight this past month?

I definitely think I gained a few pounds, what with the kind of monster appetite I developed not long ago!

6. Crunchy or Puffy Cheetos?


7. The first person on your friends list just called you a bitch. What do you do?

I do not think any of my friends will call me that, really.

8. Congratulations! You just had a son. What’s his name?

Ethan Jared Parungao 😉

9. Congratulations! You just had a daughter. What’s her name?

Shawna Kathryn

10. What are you craving right now?

A slice of hot-off-the pan pizza!

11. What was the last thing you cried about?

Worries about my son growing up

12. When you buy something and your change is 2 cents, do you keep it or tell the cashier to keep it?

I put in those little donation tin cans on the side

13. What color is your tissue box?

I’d rather use re-usable hankies than tissue, saves me loads of junk afterwards

14. Do you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, and if so, is there dust on that fan?

I don’t have one, but the stand fun sure gathered dust for several months until I decided to clean it up 2 weeks ago 😉

15. What was the last voicemail you received about?

I never received voicemails

16. Have you ever blocked someone on Facebook?

Yes, this site saying that the Philippines is owned by the devil!

17. Scariest thing you’ve experienced in the last year?

My son falling from our bed!

18. Do you wear a name tag at work?

I usually don’t

19. What kind of car do you want?

A silver Honda Civic will have to be my dream car

20. What do you order when you go to Burger King?

Jr Whopper, apple juice + onion rings, yum!

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