If I can be anywhere in the world with just a blink of an eye, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be my top choice.  I have been a Potter fan for a decade now + the chance to see the lovely world of Harry Potter come to life will be a treat of a lifetime!  I’d love to run my fingers in the smooth crevices of the Hogwarts walls + be awed + amazed at its magnificence. I would love to see the Griffindor’s Common room, as well as the boys’ + girls’ dormitories, and the Great Hall. I would probably feel like I am a 12-year old again in this magical-world-comes-to-life adventure, imagine everything I have read + envisioned in my mind is suddenly tangible + real!

I’d definitely waste no time in exploring the rest of this massive place I am sure, I will try to visit each and every nook + cranny, making sure to not miss a thing! I’d go down to Hogsmeade and sample their butterbeer + a host of other treats + I will also make a rounds of The Three Broomsticks + Hog’s Head. + if that is not enough, I will sure to visit the diners, too,  so I can taste a treacle tart or a pudding, or the ever famous pumpkin juice.

After all the food binge is done, I will head to Zonko’s + Honeydukes to buy some treats I can bring home + some souvenirs I can give to friends + family.  I’d love to buy some packs of Every Flavor Beans + a wand or two perhaps, for my son as well.

I am not sure If I’d be able to save enough in the future so I can realize this dream, but I will be sure to include it in my bucket list, just in case + will just delight myself in catching the conclusion to this colossal world phenomenon in 3d cinemas come July 15! ;)

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Photos from https://www.wizardingworldharrypotter.com/
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