weekend blog follower caravan 14

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I am joining this week’s WBFC + our task is to follow each + every participant via Google Friend Connect. This is very timely as this blog can use additional followers!

Welcome to my digital journal + I hope you find something of interests, I’ve posted a few giveaways here + there that you might be inclined to join + you might as well subscribe via e-mail as I am a giveaway addict myself + will be sure to post more of them in the future.

You also have to scroll down  bit to locate my GFC widget, pardon me! I have been tinkering with this blog some nights ago when my GFC widget, along with the rest of my sidebar, went to the footer. I am still looking for ways to correct this + if you happen to have a tip or two, it will be most appreciated. But please don’t let my sidebar’s misbehavior stop you from enjoying my site! 😉

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online meme which aims to support fellow bloggers in terms of accumulating followers, here are the simple rules of the game in case you want to join:

  • make a welcome post where other participants can leave their comments
  • in the same manner, comment on other participants welcome posts too
  • you can only join with one blog but if you have multiple GFC accounts, you can join as many times as the number of your GFC account, clear? 🙂

Alright, that is easy enough, now go + make that post, you still have a few more days left to join! Enjoy the caravan! 😉

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